Why Partner with Us

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Why Partner with Us

Why Partner with Us

We are…

Connectors of hard-to-find talent with people across industries, including Fortune 500 companies and small start-ups with their first funding round, as well as emerging companies looking to grow

A leading recruitment process outsourcing firm (RPO) specializing in C-Suite level hires, including fractional and interim executives

An extension of your Talent Acquisition team and offer customizable, flexible staffing solutions to help attract talent where you need it most

An energetic and smart company with a start-up vibe

Real Time Recruiting

Successful businesses have a thorough view and understanding of their past, present and future performance, which is why we created our in-depth recruiting analytics platform to deliver a competitive advantage to your company. Sustainable Talent’s recruiting intelligence reporting enables you to predict trends, providing you with the power to set targets for tomorrow.

Via the Sustainable Talent dashboard, users can quickly pull and extract data for analysis. The layout of the reports is uniquely modifiable, allowing users to quickly arrange figures and pull the information they need.

Staff Augmentation

Sustainable Talent deploys a Six Sigma inspired process that includes employment branding, aggressive candidate sourcing, comprehensive screening, onboarding, and the dedicated support of an experienced recruitment professional.


Our flexible recruitment teams quickly extend the reach of your current recruiting efforts and provide the most efficient and expeditious path to great hires.

A Smarter Staffing Solution

We maximize the productivity of your existing recruitment team. Our dedicated recruitment teams are committed to finding the talent you need.

Easily Manage & Engage

The Sustainable Talent recruiting platform provides you with best-in-class CRM and candidate pipelining tools. Our talent management ATS CRM platform is easy to customize and cooperates seamlessly with your workflow.

Culture-Based Recruiting

We understand passionate employees make great companies and know how to distinguish great talent from the rest. Let our expertise in assessing talent for skills and culture be your competitive advantage.

Referral Program

We are always on the look-out for fresh talent & innovative clients.

The People Connection

If you know someone who is looking for their next job opportunity and they meet the requirements for an existing Sustainable Talent open requisition, you will be eligible to participate in our generous referral bonus program.

The Company Connection

Our Sales Partner Program generates solid, ongoing income streams for professionals who introduce new clients to us.

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