Behind every positive patient experience in your healthcare organization stands a team of exceptional doctors, nurses, and clinical and non-clinical team members. At Sustainable Talent, we understand the unique hiring challenges of the healthcare industry and emphasis patient care. No matter what talent needs you have, we partner with you to optimize your talent acquisition strategy, from entry-level roles all the way to the C-suite. We recruit for all aspects of the healthcare industry, including:

  • Hospitals
  • Health systems
  • Long-term care facilities
  • Health clinics
  • Home health providers
  • Population Health Organizations
  • Behavioral Health Organizations
  • Blood centers
  • Medical centers
  • Physician groups
  • Alternative and emerging healthcare providers

Our staffing services

Whether you own a facility or simply looking for a good job in it, our staffing solutions will turn out to be highly beneficial for you. Some of our exclusive service offerings include:

Physicians and Doctors: As a hospital recruitment agency, we can recruit the best physicians for your hospital or nursing center and from general practitioners to specialists, All of them will be dedicated and from reputed institutes.
Nursing staff: A high-end and leading medical center is incomplete without highly trained nursing teams. At Alliance International, we put our best efforts to provide you with trained assistants. We ensure that they have the proper certification and practical expertise.

Medical scientists and pathologists: Pathological examinations are highly important for effective and accurate treatments. With highly talented, qualified, and competent medical experts, we can redefine your healthcare facility’s functions and processes. The entire treatment process is dependent on the pathological results. We will provide the most competent professional in this field.
Physical Therapists: Physical therapies complement core treatments to a huge extent. At Alliance International, we have associations with some of the top physiotherapists. Healthcare institutions will have the best opportunity to render comprehensive assistance.