Real Time Recruiting Intelligence

Successful businesses have a thorough view and understanding of their past, present and future performance, which is why we created an in-depth recruiting analytics platform to deliver a competitive advantage to your company. Sustainable Talent’s Recruiting Intelligence reporting enables you to predict trends, providing you with the power to set targets for tomorrow.

Via the Sustainable Talent’s Dashboard, users can quickly pull and extract data into Microsoft Excel for analysis. The layout of the reports is uniquely modifiable, allowing users to quickly arrange figures and pull the reports they need.

Easily Manage and Engage

The Sustainable Talent | COMPAS CRM Recruiting Platform provides you with best-in-class CRM and candidate pipelining tools. We have designed our applicant tracking and customer management platform with one goal in mind: to get you closer to a fully automated recruiting process.

Our Talent Management ATS CRM platform is easy to customize and cooperates seamlessly with your workflow. With the ability to perform mass actions, configure columns, view job statistics, and view documents via slide-out windows, we are confident that Sustainable Talent will have a positive impact on your recruiting process.

Video Interviewing

Sustainable Talent offers built-in video conferencing and web meeting functionality you can conduct live webcam meetings directly, without having to download a third party VoIP service such as Skype. Joining. web meeting is quick and easy. There is no dialing in and no downloading requirements. With Sustainable’s Video Interviewing, everyone is there.