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Renewable Energy / Clean Tech Recruiting and Executive Search

The recruiters at Sustainable Talent are renewable energy talent acquisition specialists.  We provide recruiting solutions in solar, wind, biomass, bio-fuel, fuel cell/energy storage, hydrogen, geothermal, and hydroelectric arenas.  Whether you need a CEO, Solar Marketing Analyst, or a Wind Project Developer, the recruiters at Sustainable Talent can help you find those rainmakers that will bring value to your green energy organization. The demand for alternative energy talent is growing and will continue to increase as the nation moves toward more energy independence.  Successful cleantech companies understand that they need a strategic sourcing advantage to help them fill mission-critical roles. At Sustainable Talent, we bring an extensive network of sourcing venues, a proprietary database, advanced search techniques, and broad industry experience to give your renewable energy organization the recruiting edge it needs. Our recruiters identify and present those candidates who possess both the technical expertise and soft skills necessary to immediately impact the bottom-line. Sustainable Talent recruits in the following renewable energy functional specializations:
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